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Local Lake Fishing

South Central Alaska has some of the most amazing lake fishing in the world. Fishing for Rainbow Trout and stocked landlocked salmon is great fun for any family looking to have a good time,  Lake trout, pound for pound, fight harder than any other fish in Alaska, and Arctic char in Big lake are stunningly gorgeous. If you are looking to enjoy some of Alaska's awesome fishing but you don't want to deal with the crowds, this is the perfect option for you!


Big lake

Arctic Char, Rainbow trout, Sockeye salmon, Coho salmon, Northern pike, and Burbot can all be found in Big Lake. Big lake lies roughly an hour north of Anchorage along the Parks highway. This is a favorite of many anglers for its diversity of species and the always sought after Arctic char. 

4 hour     $500

6 hour      $650

8 hour     $800


Lake Louise

Lake Louise is known for its world class Lake Trout and Burbot. We mostly target Lake trout in the summer, and big ones at that. Lake trout are aggressive and strong. A big lake trout will be just as big of a battle that any King salmon would be. Lake Louise lies about three and a half hours north of Anchorage along the Glen highway. This drive alone makes going to the lake worth it!

Half Day (4 hours) ----- $600

Full Day (8 hours) ----- $1000

Extended Day (12 hours) ----- $1400


Local Lakes

Our local lakes in Anchorage and the Mat-su area can be some amazing fun! We fish many different lakes in the area, depending on what you want out of your trip. We can target stocked trout and salmon on finger lake, or go after wild Rainbows on Seventeen Mile lake and many other options as well! Give us a ring and we will be more than happy to discuss what you want out of a trip!

4 hour     $450

6 hour      $600

8 hour     $800

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